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Men hat styles: Hats for every men

As men has become more and more fashion savvy, accessories to create a unique styles and make distinction also has a huge boom. And hats have always been a great way to tune-up your look, because they provide a lot of versatility and cover a large spectrum of styles. As a result, there is a huge selection of hats to choose from, so here is a few styles that you can consider choosing.

The Pork Pie Hat.
Made from felt or straw, pork pie hat is a type of hat features a cylindrical crown and a flat top. It is short (usually 3″ to 4″ in height) and has an indentation all the way around its top. The hat got it name because it resembled the pork pie dish, and for years it was considered a staple of the British man-about-town style.
The pork pie hat can be styled with slim fitted blazers, light colors slim-fit chinos and boat shoes, or can be easily complemented by a sleek button-down shirt accessorized by a silk printed tie.

The Flat Cap.
A flat cap, also called bunnet in Scotland, is a rounded cap with a small stiff brim in front. It can be made from wool and cotton, but it is usually created out of tweed, while the inside of the cap is usually lined with silk. The style’s history dated back to the 14th century. Flat cap also go around with the name working cap for its origins among British immigrants.
As the name implied, the hat fit for a working environment, but just as perfect when it comes to top a casual outfit. In fact, the flat cap can be worn with pretty much anything. Experiment with cotton shorts, slim-fit jeans, polo shirts, waist-coats and oxford shirts and don’t forget about the brogues or the boots.

The Fedora.
A fedora is a felt hat most commonly worn by men. The hat is typically creased lengthwise down the crown and “pinched” in the front on both sides. Fedoras can also be creased with teardrop crowns, diamond crowns or center dents and the positioning of pinches can vary. The typical crown is usually about 4.5 inches (11.4 centimeters).
The crease of the crown, the pinch at the front, and the snap of the brim make the fedora the most expressive and personal hat shape. Wear it with slim-fit cotton shirts, straight leg trousers and lightweight blazers. Finish the look with suede brogues and circular sunglasses.

The Boater.
Boater is a kind of formal summer hat for men, but also has other names such as straw boater, skimmer or somer. It is normally made of stiff sennit straw and has a stiff flat crown and brim. A typical boater can have a solid or striped grosgrain ribbon around the crown.
Boaters got its name in the late 19th century and early 20th. He hats were popular as casual summer headgear, especially for boating and sailing. You can make the most out of the boater and wear it with basic t-shirts, jeans and checkered button-downs for a casual approach, or team it with summer suits in light colors for a more elegant styling.

The Newsboy Cap.
The newsboy cap, also known as Gatsby, fisherman’s cap or pageboy, is a casual-wear cap which looked quite similar to the flat cap. It has the same overall shape and stiff peak in front, but the body of the cap is rounder, fuller, and paneled with a button on top.
The 1920s signature Gatsby is ideal for adding a dash of dapper to an everyday outfit. Try pairing it to denim shirts, slim-fit trousers, jersey t-shirts and jeans and accent it with light scarves.

The Baseball Cap.
Pretty popular with baseball lovers, baseball cap is a type of soft cap with a rounded crown and a stiff peak projecting in front. The front of the cap usually contains designs or logos of sports teams. The back of the cap may be “fitted” to the wearer’s head size or it may have a plastic, Velcro, or elastic adjuster so that it can be quickly adjusted to fit different wearers.
A very common style out of all the current men’s hats, baseball cap is one of the rare pieces that transcends all styles, changing very little over time. The cap can be easily founded in everyday casual wear, which means that you could wear it with everything in between casual trousers, jeans, cotton t-shirts and jackets, sneakers and suede boots.

The Patrol Cap.
Sometimes known as an update of baseball cap, the military-inspired cap also appeared often in everyday wear. Patrol cap, or cadet or field cap, is a soft kepi with a stiff, rounded visor, and flat top. The materials are usually 50% cotton, 50% nylon blend.
The cap has many variations in different color variation and patterns. It can be worn with both casual t-shirts and trousers, as well as dressier versions of the two.

Men's Wallet Style

Men’s Wallet Style

Everyone needs a good wallet: nice, usefull, … for working and going out with someone.  Unlike women, men aren’t able to carry a purse around to hold their stuff. It all comes down to the wallet kept in his back pocket or jacket pocket. Luckily, there are several different styles of wallet to choose from in order to find one that holds everything needed. So, here some tips you need when choose right wallet for men.

Men's Wallet Style


There are many types of materials to choose from, ranging from synthetic to natural, and each is long lasting. The most common material used in wallets is leather, which is both durable and form-fitting. Other natural materials used in wallets are cotton fabric and silk. Synthetic materials used in wallets include nylon, polyester, plastic polymers, silicone,felt, and found materials. There is a growing trend in using these found materials to create wallets.

Men's Wallet Style


Men’s wallets are available in different price ranges depending on the material and type of wallet. The material, in particular, affects the price of a wallet. Materials that are harder to obtain or take more processing can be more expensive.  Cotton, Nylon, and Polyester are all low cost, affordable materials. Found materials may be free for the maker of these wallets, but they aren’t as widely sold, so they may cost more than those made of other materials.

Types of Men’s Wallets


Wallets should make it easy for owners to locate their money, photographs, credit cards, membership cards, and business cards. Wallets should render their contents easily accessible and properly organized. Let’s not forget that although wallets are practical and may not be noticed as much as other accessories, they can still be fashionable and stylish. The following are some of the different wallet styles available for when replacing current wallets or buying them as gifts.

The sporty choice

Men's Wallet Style

Usually made from lightweight nylon, twill, vinyl, or rubber, these sporty wallets can be found under designer names such as Polo Sport, The North Face or other less-known, generic brands. These are less expensive than leather wallets, unless you’re referring to big designer labels that charge ridiculous amounts.

More casual wallets usually use Velcro or zipper closures, adding to the sporty look of the item. Nylon wallets are great as they are usually durable and waterproof. Polo Sport features these wallets, as does Eddie Bauer. There may be mesh inside the wallet, separating the different wallet compartments.

The classy choice
Next come the more classy wallets made of leather: higher scale wallets. These usually use snaps or zippers as closures and come in varying sizes. A style often seen today amongst the fashion savvy are longer, more rectangular wallets. Although trendy, these are not too practical if you tend to keep your wallet in the back pocket of your pants. Bi-fold wallets are more popular; tri-fold wallets would probably encourage the storage of unnecessary papers, which only make wallets unnecessarily fatter.
Men's Wallet Style

Okay, there’s nothing wrong with fat wallets, as long as they’re stuffed with cash; not year-old movie stubs! Again these can be found in generic brands which are less expensive, or you can opt for designer brands such as Prada, Kenneth Cole or Burberry, although these may empty out your wallet. Burberry is known for its tan plaid print, made of microfibre waterproof fabric.

Rid yourself of the bulge

Suffice it to say that overflowing wallets protruding out of back pockets are neither attractive nor stylish. This can be avoided: purchase wallets strictly for business cards and keep cash in the front pocket of your pants. This not only makes it more difficult for pick-pocketers to have access to your wallet, it also rids you of a bulge on the wrong side of your pants. This will surely be more comfortable and will urge you to carry only what is necessary.

Men's Wallet Style

In any case, the only plastics that should be kept in your wallet are driver’s licenses (which can substitute for most pieces of identification, even membership cards), health insurance cards, major credit cards, and ATM cards. As for business cards and photos, don’t go overboard with the amount you carry. If you have a lot of business cards, carry the most important ones in your wallet or in your credit card wallet and keep the rest at home, at the office or in your filofax (if you have one).

Another way to avoid fat wallets is by using a money clip for cash and again, opting for credit card wallets. Although it may seem pretentious, it has been spotted in many trendy retailers.

Keep it classic

It’s true that wallets aren’t necessarily indicators of somebody’s fashion sense, since the prime determining factor when purchasing a wallet should be its organization, practicality and ease of accessibility. It is possible to be practical as well as fashionable, and since your wallet will probably last you a long time, why not purchase a tasteful one?

Whether sporty or classy, wallets are available in fashionable styles and colors with enough variety to suit everyone’s taste. Buying a trendy wallet isn’t recommended since wallets usually do not change styles with the seasons. Choose a more classic style wallet and one that help access cash and credit cards easily, while still conveying class and style.


Men can choose from several different materials when searching for the right high quality wallet. More expensive brands will usually be made from leather, such as cowhide, crocodile or alligator skin, snakeskin, or even sheepskin. Leather wallets are more durable and longer lasting. Other synthetic materials are popular in more affordable wallets, such as nylon, polyester, plastic polymers, and even metal. Depending on their needs, men have different styles to choose from in their wallets.


men’s summer style0

Six advices for men’s summer style

If you’re going to have a summer vacation. You don’t know how to have a good-looking. Don’t worry about that. There are some advices for Men’s summer style which help you become more attractive.

Men’s summer style

  1. WEARING MORE COLOR: And by color, we don’t mean a lighter version of your blue jeans. Show of hands: How many of you only wear black, blue, white and gray? How’s boring! Dark colors looks jarring under the sun, so this summer, don’t be afraid to inject your wardrobe with some much-needed color. A pair of chinos, a button-down, a wallet, sneakers — they all work as colorful alternatives to the usual rotation.
    Do select an unlined, lightweight construction or you’ll end up sweating buckets.
    Don’t pair your warm-weather suit with a straw boater—the season’s biggest cliché.
    Do feel comfortable dressing your summer suit down with sneakers or a tee.
    Don’t be sloppy. It’s a suit: Get it tailored.

men’s summer style

  1. DON’T FORET AVIATOR SUNGLASSES: Besides being trendy and looking stylish, aviator sunglasses for man other many other benefits. One of the most obvious is the fact that they shield your entire eyes from dangerous rays by the sun. If you are in beach where you are constantly outdoors, then it is strongly recommended to get sunglasses for your eyes to prevent eye damage.
  2. NO SOCKS WITH DECK: Bare ankles only, please.

men’s summer style2

  1. FORGET BOARD SHORTS—TRY PATTERNED TRUNKS: Cut shorter but long on style, micro-print swim trunks are a great way to bring refinement to the beach. Just keep it subtle
    Do wear trunks that end at mid-thigh, not board shorts that extend below the knee.
    Don’t wear a Speedo—unless you have the physique of a male model or an Olympic swimmer.
    Do opt for trunks with pockets, hidden or not, so you can stash keys and money when you’re away from the beach.
    Don’t wear loud patterns (flowers, crustaceans). Keep prints small and understated.


In today’s communication environment, it has passed the period of “feed and clothes properly”, over the whole period called “comfort is better than pride” and we are in a period of “delicious food- god clothes” period and continuingly rise to “live in regal splendor” … and as such, we – men should also beautifully dressed and ready – especially for those who work to communicate more.


Men’s fashion trends are greatly different to women’s. They exist, yes. But their cycle moves much slower. Nowhere is that truer then of men’s suit trends. In fact, many of the key looks you’ll find in this guide will still be in-fashion come next year and beyond.


But what styles should you be looking for? Read on to find out. The current styles continue the dominance of two qualities that any modern suit you invest in should aspire to have: Classicism and Masculinity.

Men’s suit: On-trend styles

  • Single breasted suits

The cut of this suit has currently evolved to have two dominant styles:

 The confidence suit


This cut of suit is for who can comfortably war those extra little details Joe Average usually lacks the confidence to wear out of fear of derision.

The sleek cut


This fits to who wears his suits in something of a toned down away. A singles breasted suits are usually accompanied with dual buttons and pointed labels.

  • Double breasted suits

They were originally designed to do” hide a plump figure. Then now they are designed to accent and to heighten the perfect masculine shape: the V-shaved, well worked body.


Double breasted suits accompany with pointed/ peak lapels.

  • Sack suit cut


There is still a world in which every day has become something of a dress-down-Friday. So this style is gaining popularity that bucks the masculinity-focused elements of suiting and instead takes its lead from the comeback of all things vintage.

  • Three-piece suits 


It is found that more people return of the three-piece suit besides having recently returned to men’s wardrobes as a standalone piece to be worn casually.

 Choosing the perfect suit

Below you’ll find major elements you’ll want to consider in order to have a wardrobe of suits and sport coats that mixes fashion with quality.

  • The shoulder of a suit

Such a padded shoulder is perfect for the masculine figure a modern suit is meant to convey, hence it is not an element of the preceding sack suit.



  • How many buttons?

One Button




A single button suit currently falls into the realm of both s classic and a fashion suit. It is this: How tall you are. A single buttoned on a suit is often closer to the waist, making your torso seem smaller.


Two buttons


 It conveys height, slim the waist and fit perfectly within the realm of fashion and classicism.


Three Buttons


 This conveys a greater sense of height than two button suit but is harder to pull off.


  • Label:

There are three styles of suit lapels generally available to the modern male:

Step lapel

Pointed lapel

Shawl lapel

  • Suit vents




A single vent is a cut predominant to American and often Italia tailoring. Sitting down the center of the rear of a suit is still permits movement but not as effectively as a dual vented suit.

A dual vent allows one easily to put their hands under the suit and into their trouser pockets without damaging the overall silhouette.


So far we’ve looked at a lot of the on-trend details of current suits, and hopefully by now you have a clearer idea of the style that you’re after – or at least the styles, shapes / cuts, you should be picking from.




Men style with denim

Denim is the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe.But jeans now arrive in a paralyzing array of washes, cuts, and styles. So it’s a relief to hear this bit of advice: “You really need to know only one style, the oldest jeans in the world are straight-leg patterns with a slight taper and they hold true even as trends like boot-cut and superskinny jeans come and go.” Now that you know your jeans will age well, locate your body type on the next page so you can guarantee they’ll fit that way too.

  1. The Slim Build
    Slim Straight, Skinny




Chicken legs? Going baggy won’t fool anyone. Instead, accentuate your frame by going with a streamlined straight fit that’s narrow through the leg and skims your waist. Keep the jeans fitted in the seat; that way you create the illusion of bigger glutes. Pocket flaps also add heft. Avoid accents like pocket stitching and flashy hardware. Lighter rinses and distressing only draw attention to your legs, making you look skinnier.

  1. The Fit Build
    Regular Straight, Athletic




If you’re the kind of guy who makes the squat stand his second home, then you should opt for traditional straight-cut jeans that are fitted through the waist, seat, and thighs. They’ll provide ample room for well-developed quads while skimming your frame just enough to highlight your physique.


The Big Build
Relaxed Straight




As a hefty dude, you should aim to strike a balance, which is why a relaxed straight fit is your ideal middle ground. You’ll want a slightly extended rise, which means the jeans sit at, not below, the waist. That’ll offer a few extra inches in the thighs and seat; and since the legs are cut straight down, your ankles won’t be swimming in denim.

Men style with quick fashion tips for men

  1. Disregard trends– Beware of buying something just because it’s “in” right now – stick to what you truly like. A lot of people rush to get in on the latest trend and end up with a bunch of clothes they don’t wear. It’s better to learn to build a versatile and timeless wardrobe first – then bring in your own twists with some of the new fashion. This one tip will save you so much money!
  2. Fit is King– The most dramatic improvement you can make in your style is to make sure everything fits impeccably. Most guys wear clothes that are too large. Make sure everything you wear is almost hugging the shape of your body – without being tight. Bad fit is an epidemic


  1. Keep it simple




You want a wardrobe that looks great on you, but don’t overdo it. Don’t wear more than three pieces of jewelry or more than three colors. If you want to be flashy, a simpler but stylish look would be sporting a black striped dress shirt with a white blazer, a dark pair of jeans, a dressy belt, and your dress shoes. You could also add a flashy watch or a simple accessory like an interesting necklace.

  1. Never go shopping alone 




Most of the time, it’s tough to trust the sales people because they usually work for commission. Shop with a friend who will give you their honest opinion.

  1. Upgrade your shave - Even if your fashion is golden, an unkempt beard can be an attraction killer

Some rules for men style

  1. The rule of shoes: Black is basic. Basic is boring.



If you’re wearing black, then by all means wear black shoes. But if you’re wearing gray, blue, tan, or a combination thereof, brown shoes will almost always look more sophisticated. There’s simply more range, from caramel to chestnut to chocolate. If you wear a belt, it should (sort of) match.

  1. Plan ahead for messes


Fresh shirts and pants for yourself and your spawn are essential if you’re more than 10 minutes away from home. Trust us.

  1. Ties are for dressing up


Wearing a tie with an untucked shirt makes you look confused. Wearing a tucked shirt with a slightly loosened tie makes you look unstudied.



Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014

Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014

Have you thought that being accidentally stylish is not as hard as it? Addition, there are so many style cues you can learn from well-dressed dudes on this sites. This means you get inspired, it is not copy. Personal style is great for all of us, so if you rocks an item in a certain way, or mixes two brands you are not used to think it would go together, consider how you would do it in a way that reflects who you are.

So, guys, check out these tips so that you can learn about trends of street style. Well, these guys are the style ones we’ve ever seen. Take notes! This week, we found inspiration in street men’s fashion.

 Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014

  1. Mix different denim washes together

Guys, you do not know how cool it looks when wearing a denim jacket or shirt with jeans. You can apply this easily by making sure the washes are at least two shades different from each other, —or go to the next level wear colored denim.

Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014

You do not be afraid to step outside the blue zone and rock acid-washed grays, stark white denim, solid black, or even super light “dad jeans.”


2) Shorts

The best street styles to buy and wear are: chino shorts, cotton shorts, short shorts (especially in tropical prints for the beach). You may wanna rethink your denim. On the TIPS side: cuff, cuff, cuff boys, and you’ll be able to get away with almost anything. The ideal length is slightly above your knees. Pockets look great.


Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014

Chinos can look great with espadrilles and tees for a beach summer’ish look, or can even look smart paired with a shirt, blazer and oxfords.

3)  Sportswear is a wonderful choice

It is perfect for guys who like to keep things more relaxed – without looking scruffy – this contemporary trend is one which should not be ignored.

Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014

To create your own outfit, we would suggest pairing slim-fitting jogging bottoms with a crew neck jumper and trainers when keeping it casual, switching for a luxe bomber jacket, band collar shirt, jeans and trainers for something a bit smarter.

4) Bold outerwear

When guys open your closet, all needs that one outerwear that jumps out at him. If you’re in the shop for a new jacket, choose one in camo, plaid, or an equally eye-catching pattern.

Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014


However, you should choose carefully—go too trendy and you won’t touch it again after a couple of wears. Your best bet for maximum versatility? Choose colors such as black, olive, tan, and navy —the pattern will looks cool over it, but doesn’t overpower an entire kit.

5) Document Holder

It is perfect for storing important documents as well as your daily essentials such as a tablet and smart phone.

Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014


Set to develop into a major industry trend, the document holder was safely tucked under the arm of many gents at the global fashion weeks.

The document holder makes a sleek and chic alternative to a traditional briefcase or messenger bag.

6) Mirrored Sunglasses

The fact that, bold mirrored lens sunglasses is the standout accessory trend for men street styles from many frame shape and lens color imaginable being discovered.

Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014


Whether applied with tailoring or a simple t-shirt and shorts combination, these types of shades are bound to get you noticed and can be worn with all of your current everyday looks:

7) Fashion Trainers

The appearance of trainers is not too new for almost guys, it was their popularity on the street that made us sit up and take note.

Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014


To mix them into an outfit, we suggest teaming a statement pair with unstructured tailoring, switching for jeans and a plain crew neck t-shirt at the weekend.

As always, if you choose for an eye-catching pair of trainers then combine them with neutral wardrobe staples so they become the focal point of your outfit. Likewise, white leather trainers are something every man should have in his shoe collection and will help anchor bold colored or printed legwear.

8) Wide Hats

Hats in all forms are becoming increasingly popular within menswear. It was the more formal styles that were most prominent for men street style.

Trends of Men’s Street Style in 2014


They were often combined with tailoring to bring a relaxed summer vibe and a touch of gentlemanly charm to traditional formal attire.



Men's shoes style

Men’s shoes style

Men should pay some attention to their shoes as well as their clothes. Don’t think that people won’t look down to your feet. People, especially women, judge you base on what shoes you are wearing as well. Here is a few tips about men shoe style to help you avoid leaving a bad impression to others

  1. Some Basic Advice About the…Basics

The one shoe every man should own is a black lace-up. What special about it is that it works with anything from jeans to suits, so you can freely dress it up or down. And that’s not all, it suitable for every occasion, not just office, interviews, or some other special occasions. Avoid frilly or ornate details and you’ll be able to wear the shoes anytime.

Men's shoes style

  1. Join the Rubber Revolution

A crappy weather makes it uncomfortable to wear your black lace-up? How about buying extra padding for your lace-ups. The good news is that there are now plenty of stylish, wonderfully made dress shoes with full rubber soles, or at least rubber inlays. Rubber paddings are great in any. The paddings also make the shoes much more comfortable to wear. But keep in mind that once the rubber soles wear down, there is nothing you can do to save them. Even replacing the heels isn’t a viable option.

Men's shoes style

  1. Now Get Your Shine Box!

Getting the shoes is not enough, you need to maintain it. A dirty-looking lace-up can destroy your image.

Men's shoes style

First, get a tin of black wax polish and a tin of neutral. The black one is obviously for the black leather. And the neutral is, of course, for the brown part – because you essentially want to moisturize the leather, not color it. Second, get a nice soft chamois. But if you don’t want to invest for it, an old T-shirt to towel can still to the trick for applying wax. Now what’s left is the waxing part. If you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time for a full polish, keep an instant-wax sponge in your kit for a quick touch-up. Try making polishing your shoes a habit, and it will pay off.

  1. Choosing socks

If you’re wearing your lace-up right now, stop for second and try crossing your right leg over your left. When your pant leg rides up, exposing your sock, ask yourself this: Do you like what you see? Your answer should be yes. Your socks can express as much personality as—if not more than—the rest of your outfit. Here’s two way to pick your socks

Men's shoes style

Match Them Up—The Traditional Way…
When choosing dress socks, the basic rule is to consider the suit instead of the shoe—in other words, if you’re wearing a navy suit with black or brown shoes, reach for navy socks.

…or Flash Some Color
The ankles can tell you a lot about a guy. Is he a stick-to- the-rules type—the kind who matches his socks to his pants? Or is he the type who understands that dressing well often means dressing with a rebel streak? We think you can pair a boldly patterned or colored dress sock with pretty much anything—a sharp suit, elegant pants, or a pair of dark jeans. Try looking for stripes or colors that complement your look up top (your shirt or your tie) while contrasting with your pants or shoes. And don’t afraid about breaking a rule or two.

Socks this bold work one of two ways: Either they pop against a completely neutral outfit (white shirt, dark suit and tie), or they complement what’s going on upstairs. Could be a red tie, could be a yellow oxford.

  1. Heels

Unless you are below 5 feet tall (or 150 centimeter), you should not be wearing heels that are much higher than 3cm or 1.2in. It just doesn’t correlate with the look of dress shoes, or make you look like you’re wearing high heels. If you are unsure of how to tell take a measuring tape with you. But it won’t be that hard to see the difference. Here is two pictures to save you some time.

Men's shoes style

Men's shoes style

In term of measurement, the difference doesn’t seem that great, but the difference on the eye is immense.


Men's sunglasses styles

Men’s sunglasses styles

When the sun comes out, protect your eyes with a pair of men’s sunglasses. Sunglasses are one of the few accessories you wear that not only look cool but also give you some protection. How do you know if you’re buying a pair of men’s sunglasses that will not only protect your style but also your eyes? This men’s sunglasses buying guide has the information you need to figure out how to buy men’s sunglasses that will flatter your face as well as preserve your vision.

Men's sunglasses styles

Measure Your Face

The shape of your face is one of the biggest factors to consider when searching for your perfect pair of shades, so it’s worth establishing this before you set out.

Take a picture of yourself looking dead straight into the camera and then trace the outline of your face with straight lines. Compare it to one of the examples below and go from there.

However, please remember that this is only a rough guide – it might give you clues as to what should suit you but it isn’t the be all and end all.

Look at your measurements and comparing them to each other, determine which shape of face you are below.

Determine Your Face Shape

Square Face Shape

Men's sunglasses styles

A strong jaw line and wide cheekbones suit rounded or aviator style frames. For those of you with particularly strong features: the bigger the better. More delicate faces should stick to smaller or medium sized options.

Men's sunglasses styles

Rectangular shaped frames with softer edges are another good choice but be sure to keep detailing to a minimum to let your natural features shine through.

Round Face Shape

Men's sunglasses styles

Round Face ShapeWith a rounded face you should be looking to create as much definition as possible. Make your cheeks appear slimmer with frames that are slightly wider than your face – angular styles will help to elongate your temples and lengthen your face.

Find a frame that offers multiple sizes (wayfarers are a prime example) and go for the largest. Avoid mimicking your face shape with round frames and opt for solid acetate styles to create a defined silhouette.

Men's sunglasses styles


Oblong Face Shape

Men's sunglasses styles

To give your face a sense of balance, look for glasses that don’t extend beyond the widest part of your face. Round or square frames will work well here but make sure you go for larger styles to avoid making your features look small.


Aviator styles are a good option as the tear drop silhouette helps to accentuate cheek and jaw bones. Make sure the frames are the right size for your.

Men's sunglasses styles

Diamond Face Shape

Men's sunglasses styles

Diamond Face ShapeThe defined chin, wide cheekbones and forehead of a diamond face suit retro, rectangular styles and colour ways down to the ground. Strong colours and detailing will help to soften the bottom half of your face by drawing attention to the eye area.

Rectangular frames will sit neatly on a diamond or heart shaped face by balancing out the pointed chin.

Men's sunglasses styles

Oval Face Shape

Men's sunglasses styles

Oval Face ShapeAn oval face is considered the holy grail of face shapes. Those of your lucky enough to have these features and proportions should experiment with multiple styles, because an oval face suits almost any frame available.

Larger frames will accentuate your features but avoid styles with arms that hang too low as this will elongate the face.

Men's sunglasses styles

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can seem like a daunting task, but it is definitely a challenge worth undertaking. Not only is it hugely important that we protect our peepers from the sun but they can also become a trademark of your personal style.

Take time over your search and try as many different styles as possible. This article is a rundown of the basic principles but the act of finding that special pair will be much more personal.

Once you’ve found them, wear them with pride – just not when it’s raining, not sunny, inside or at night.

Men’s Casual Style Tips

Men’s Casual Style Tips

Fit’s always right!

Men’s Casual Style Tips
Men’s Casual Style Tips

Whatever you wear, it won’t look good if it doesn’t fit correctly. A well-fitting pair of jeans is the basis for a casual wardrobe, and shirts that aren’t too large or too tight can make a big difference in your look. Use our men’s measurements guide to help you find the right fit; make sure everything you wear is almost hugging the shape of your body – without being tight. Then focus on finding clothing that flatters, like flat-front pants and slim-fit suits.

Color! Why not?

Men’s Casual Style Tips

In general, you’ll want to keep your look simple and clean. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to banish bright colors from your wardrobe. Color catches the eye and creates a focal point for your outfit. Create a look based on a classic hue, like red or navy blue, or go for something a little brighter, like orange or lime green. The key is to choose one bright color and keep the rest of your outfit based in neutrals.

Incorporate classics:

Men’s Casual Style Tips

Modern and edgy is fun, but make sure you have some classics in your closet to keep your wardrobe from getting stuck in a short-lived trend. A pair of clean, flat-front khakis is a classic wardrobe basic and so is a casual button-down, which you can layer over your trendier graphic tee. You may also want to add a classic ribbed sweater to your clothing, and shop for a few outerwear basics, like a wool pea coat.

Change a little:

Men’s Casual Style Tips

A bland wardrobe won’t get you noticed, so feel free to experiment with your clothing choices. Try a brightly colored shirt under a jacket or even try mixing patterns with a graphic tee layered under a printed jacket or plaid shirt. If there’s a style you like but haven’t tried, consider mixing a few pieces into your wardrobe to see if they suit you.

Cover casual:

Men’s Casual Style Tips

When you hear the word “casual”, it means about jeans and a T-shirt but if you think beyond the basics, you’ll have a much more impressive and extensive casual wardrobe. If you’re heading out for dinner or a night at the bar, consider wearing a sports jacket with a slim cut to give your casual look a dressed-up, modern appeal. Similarly, ties aren’t just for the office; they also look great worn loosely with a button-down and jeans. Incorporate more of your clothes into your casual look.